Honestly, what a ton of shit… a reflection on the media and financial shit-ness

Maybe I just shouldn’t spend so much time on Facebook, but it is annoying the hell out of me. Why, oh why, do they think I want to read pointless news stories about WWE, who’s dating who and who’s marriage it has ruined, Miss fucking Universe?????

Honestly, I just don’t get it. Is it that the world is just so awful that the media think we need to know about this tripe just to draw our attention away from the real issues? Of course they bloody do, we’re not all as thick as they think we are. Or is it that some people really ARE interested in this?! If you are one of these people, please stop reading now, I don’t know why you are bothering to read this post.

Media, just what a load of utter shite. Personally, I want to know about REAL stuff. I understand that these folks want to keep the world informed about what is happening on a global scale, but most of it will not be in any way relevant to my, or indeed your, life. It’s just a waste. I used to buy the papers every Sunday, and it’s just depressing. Oscar Pistorius, Prince George, some footballer or wag is doing the dirty with some movie star. I really don’t care. And you shouldn’t care either.

Oscar Pistorius – I will tread carefully here, I know this may get me in trouble. But, personally, I think he did it on purpose. I don’t see how that night can have gone down the way he said it did. That aside, I don’t think the whole thing warranted the amount of airtime it received. It was all for show, I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way. He should have been sent down for it for a very long time. The reason he didn’t? a) he’s disabled. b) he’s famous. What was the point of even having a trial, the guy basically got away with it because he cried a bunch of crocodile tears all over the world news. (That is my opinion only, take it as such).

Prince George – he’s a little kid. I don’t care that he will one day be king, I may be dead before that day arrives. I really could not give less of a toss about it. All he is to me is the child of someone i don’t even know. A friend of mine has a son exactly the same age as him, and the coverage of this little boy is akin to TV crews being round at my friends’ house constantly, showing the world that her little boy is doing something that all other toddlers do. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, the only reason the poor kid is on TV is because of his family line. He’s a Prince, so fucking what. I can call myself a prince if I want, it won’t get me on the idiot box.

Footballers/wags – I’m not even going to begin writing about how utterly ear bleedingly boring this subject is.

Things that SHOULD be on the news that normally aren’t:

Animals and plants becoming extinct at alarming rates worldwide – Pandas are everywhere, as are tigers. Pandas are cute, yes, but they don’t want to have babies, just leave them alone. It’s selfish of us, as a species, to keep them alive for our own pleasure because they’re pretty. Sadly, I think their time is done, they know this, we just won’t let them get on with it. Humans interfering again. Tigers on the other hand, just stop fucking chopping them up for medicine. Period. Wolves also. These animals are killed regularly in several parts of America, sometimes as a cull, other times just for fun because a lot of Americans like to go shoot guns at alive stuff and make them not alive. It makes them feel good about themselves. I’d like some wolves to rip your faces off, pretty please. Wolves have been re-introduced in Yosemite and other areas, with HUGE beneficial effects on both flora and fauna – yes, they eat some stuff, but they also promote ecosystem balance. Habitats NEED predators other than humans. So, please, news crews, report on stuff like this.

Global poverty, the AIDS crisis, other humanitarian disasters – we only ever see the ‘worst’ of these things. The media is biased towards kids being blown up and/or starving, genocide, disease, war. These things are, of course, awful and rightly deserve coverage. But there are many other goings on that are equally newsworthy but are not sensationalist enough to be included in bulletins. Or they are only mentioned in passing. Also, especially with reference to war, pay close attention to whose ‘side’ the media are on. For example, when reporting in Palestine, I notice that many news crews are always posted with Israeli groups. Now, this may be because Hamas or less militant Palestinian groups don’t want the crews with them, or it is a conscious decision on the part of the broadcaster/reporter to be seen from that side of the fence: If I’m with Israelis, the Palestinians are shooting at them, therefore at me, so it makes them look like the baddies, rather than vice versa. This is one war that has no right answer. For whatever reason these conflicts are not reported in a bipartisan fashion, it is shameful. I could go on, but we’ll be here all day.

Further: Things that are happening in our own country that affect us personally. The only time things like this are mentioned is when a politician wants to make themselves look good. At the moment in the UK, we are in the run up to a general election. This means that ALL the political parties are trying to out do each other with policies to help the less well off, there’s a lot of talk about taxes – cuts versus rises – and various other fiscal debates to ensure we don’t slip back into recession. Well, to be honest, I want to know what they’re going to do for me. I mean, personally, me. I have 2 young children. I have a partner who works every hour he can and is constantly tired and grumpy. He worries constantly about our finances and he may make himself ill over it. I have a job myself as well. It is only part time and my employer has recently cut my hours to half as I can’t do the shifts they offered me. This means we will lose money. We already have a shit ton of bills to pay, overpayments – because the UK welfare system is so complicated they give with one hand and take back with the other, neither hand knowing what the other is doing – as well as day to day living costs. Basically, we are almost on the bread line. The fact that my hours are being cut doesn’t make a difference to our welfare payments though because, as a couple, we already earn over a certain threshold. So we’re short a load of money and won’t be getting any extra help. So, George Osborne MP, Rt Hon Chancellor of the Exchequer, what are you going to do for ME?! The budget will mention figures once every 6 months, then everybody forgets about them until the next review and everything is just rehashed, but nothing resolved. Fuck you!


On another subject entirely:

It seems I know an inordinate number of cunts. You know how you are guaranteed to know at least one person who is an asshole, bordering on being a cunt. I know only a few of these. More often than not, though, the people I know tend to be out and out cunts. What the hell did I do wrong in past life to deserve this? Probably my political views. Oh well.


Banter: because being a cunt needed a new, less offensive, title.