New Year, New Reading List, kinda…..

This was the post I wrote about a year ago. Guess what? I’ve read NONE of these books in the last 12 months. How SHIT is that?

I didn’t even finish the one that I was actually reading when I wrote the fucking list. Shameful.

To be fair, I did have surgery in early September, (fear not readers, I am not dying) so the last 4 months of 2014 were a bit shit and I didn’t want to do very much. But what the HELL was I doing for the other 8 months? Seriously?!

So, the list remains. It has now grown somewhat…. Let’s hope nothing else ridiculous happens, eh?



NB: If you have any suggestions, related to titles shown, or just random literature, feel free to post a comment about it. Just so, you know, the list can become impossible 😀 ……


One thought on “New Year, New Reading List, kinda…..

  1. For a year, there’s always some huge number of books I’d like to read. List? Nope. There’s no time anyway. And I end up eat, say, one to fifteen books every year (never really count it, though). Those I forgot? So be it, new ones around. Sometimes I even finish books I never plan to read. Happy reading. 🙂

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