Get Hooked!

Well, I guess we’re at the end of Blogging 101 for this time around.

I’ve got behind a little, but I have been ill for pretty much the entire time it’s been running. Oh well. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be organising myself a little better.

Hopefully I’m over the worst of whatever health issues have been plaguing me, so I’ve got until the 23rd of this month before the kids are off school for half term. Then the shit really starts as EVERYONE in my house has a birthday between now and Christmas. I think I may just cancel it. Far too much capitalism, not enough love.

Anyway, I’m thinking of developing a feature of regularity. I didn’t mean to type it like that, but my words are all muddled in my head today. The rain is seeping in…..

Will probably be womens’ stuff based, with some jewellery and sparkliness in there too. Will be 2-3 times a week I think.

I’m also going to attempt NaNoWriMo,
JOIN IN the fun!!!


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