Blogging 101 September 2014 – Day 2

Obviously you can see my blog title. It describes me and my life ethic perfectly.

I am hugely spiritual, always have been. I’m into the Occult big time, although this was denied me as a child. Now I’m grown I embrace it wholeheartedly. Like I said yesterday, I am Pagan and practice as a witch. I celebrate the Wheel of the Year and am in love with the Moon. She is awesome.

So, that’s the spirit part of it.

The steel is for my character. I don’t take any shit. I am super hardened by life’s cruelty. A lot of pretty bad stuff has happened in my life. I’m hesitant to say that these things have happened TO me, as I don’t think this is the right phrase. It denotes a lack of control. Well, I’ve taken control of the things in my life that went crazy-bad and I am far stronger for it.

So, that’s me: Spirits & Steel.


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