Little Old Me :) Blogging 101 September 2014 – Day 1

Well, this is me doing a little Zero to Hero intro – for the second time because I ballsed it up the first time


Hi there, my name is Jo. I live in Somerset, UK with my partner and our 2 gorgeous kids. Currently I’m a stay at home mum. I am mental. I have so many fingers in so many pies that I’ve lost count. I’ll give anything a go! I’m into art, music, film, writing, reading (never enough time for this) and practice as a witch – yes I really do. Namaste.


I’ve been trying to write a blog for bloody YEARS now. I’ll make a start and for the first week it’ll be cool – I’ll post every day, then week 2 comes along and it’s maybe every other day. Week 3 is only once, twice if I can be arsed. By week 4 I will have forgotten completely, or something else has come up and I don’t have time.


Well, this time I don’t want that to happen, I’m doing the challenge and hoping to see it through. I’m writing here in addition to my personal journal at home, just to help me get my ideas out and am looking to write an ACTUAL book at some point. I’ve been saying this since I was about 14. I’ve got so many ideas and snippets of story I don’t know what to do with them. So, I’ll pretty much write whatever comes into my head. Would love to get to know some kindred spirits along this journey.


If I make it through the challenge I’m going to sit down and write this damn book!


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